Directed Giving

Directed Giving

As a Canadian Foundation, we will accept donations from all legitimate sources.

We will also work with Donors to "direct" the donations to Groupings of charities and will entertain some requests to direct a donation to specific charities.

Parameters to engage in Directed Giving:
Donation amounts of $1,000.00 and greater.
Maximum of four (4) donation directives.
Up to ten percent (10%) of the donation will be allocated to the Kinsmen Club of Calgary Foundation (KCCF) endowment account, to be Gifted to eligible recipients as per KCCF policies and CRA guidelines.

We will create a Donation Receipt for Income Tax purposes based on the date received.

Benefits include anonymity from repeated solicitations by your favoured groups.

Please contact us to discuss this further - via email at


Established charitable groupings include:
The Child
Community Facilities


Within the Groupings, distributions will be made to the following combination of charitable organizations (current combinations).

The Child - Alberta Children's Hospital; Children's Cottage.

Youth - Easter Seals Camp Horizon; Hull Services.

Seniors - Calgary Meals on Wheels; Bethany Care Centre; Kirby Centre, Field of Crosses.

Education - Kinsmen Club of Calgary Foundation Scholarship program; CanLearn Society.

Community Facilities - Calgary Zoo; Heritage Park.

Rehabilitation - Fresh Start Recovery Centre; Alpha House.